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139 State Street
Bangor, ME, 04401
United States


Consumer Title is the preferred provider of title and settlement services for the lending and real estate industry in Maine. Our expert legal team and experienced staff provide the highest quality of professional support and service.

Whether you’re a borrower, broker, realtor or lender, we will conduct your refinance, purchase or home equity closing, with prompt, precise and professional service, at one of our offices or the location of your choosing.

Closing Services

Real Estate Title & Closing Services

We are a local title company that can complete each specific step necessary for your specific closing and by working closely with Lenders and Realtors, we can ensure your closing package will be complete in an accurate and timely manner.

Our practice is to ensure a clean title while keeping your closing costs low.
That is why our Title & Closing Services are a flat fee.
No matter how many hours an attorney has to dedicate to your closing, we will never charge an hourly rate.

It will be your choice if you would like one of our closing agents to conduct the closing in one of our offices, at a location of your choice, or have the documents mailed to you directly. No matter how you choose to have your closing, we are on standby ready to guide and answer any questions you may have.

Our Closing Services include:

◦ Experienced, attentive and professional processors to assist you from start to finish and available in-house attorneys.

◦ Extensive search for taxes, liens, special assessments and current owner searches.

◦ Expert title examination in which we obtain registry copies to review and clear any obstacles and defects in the title to ensure a clear legal title to the property.

◦ Preparation of accurate title commitments and title insurance documents.

◦ Securing all pay off statements for existing mortgages, home equity lines and/or liens.

◦ Receipt and review of all Lender documents and preparation of the necessary closing documents, privacy policies and disclosures.

◦ Our professional closing agents will conduct the closing at the best location for all parties, with no extra charge.

◦ Fund disbursement pursuant to the settlement statement and Lender disbursement instructions.

◦ Recording of all necessary documents at the appropriate Registry of Deeds.

◦ Issuance of the Loan and/or Owner’s Title Insurance Policy and we provide you with the original recorded documents once received back from the Registry of Deeds.

Please contact us with any questions.